Casbah is the officially supported Scala driver for MongoDB. It provides wrappers and extensions to the Java Driver meant to allow a more Scala-friendly interface to MongoDB. It supports serialization/deserialization of common Scala types (including collections and regex), Scala 2.8 collection versions of DBObject and DBList and a fluid query DSL.


  • Lift Web Framework supports MongoDb through - Lift-MongoDB and object mapping via the Record back-end implementation.
  • Rogue: A Type-Safe Scala DSL - Foursquare’s DSL for querying MongoDB alongside Lift-MongoDB-Record.
  • Blue Eyes is a lightweight framework for building REST APIs with strong MongoDB integration including a DSL and Mock MongoDB for testing.
  • Reactive-Mongo a reactive driver that allows you to design very scalable applications unleashing MongoDB capabilities like streaming infinite live collections and files for modern Realtime Web applications.
  • Hammersmith is a Scala-based, asynchronous Netty driver for MongoDB with type-class based fast custom object encoding.